MYS Fall Clinic 2024

(FALL 2024)
As a club we are committed to ensuring the experiences afforded to our members are of only the highest standard and guarantee to try and provide our athletes with the best possible soccer education available.
All of our Program Directors and Staff Coaches hold significant education and experience within both the soccer and Child Development domains. As a result, the guidance and support your athlete receives will be based upon a proactive and pragmatic philosophy which holds their best interests at heart.

MYS Fall CLINIC 2024

Please join us for our Sporting CT Fall clinic starting Sunday September 10th at 395 Country club road complex in Middletown. This soccer clinic will be ran by our grassroots program coordinator Trystan Ayala and our Sporting CT coaching staff.


MYS Fall registration will be opening Saturday, June 15th 2024.
Below is important information about each division schedules and also dates for practices and jamboree day.

Registration is open from June 15th to August 18th 2024. 

  • U7 Division (2018-2019 born boys and girls) will train on Wednesday night 5-6pm
  • U9 Division (2016-2017 born boys and girls) will train on Wednesday night 6-7pm
  • C Division (2014-2015 born boys and girls) will train Tuesday and Thursday
  • A Division (2010 -2013 born boys and girls) will train Monday and Wednesday
  • First training for fall season will be on Tuesday September 3rd.
  • Jamboree Day will be on Saturday September 7th.

All schedules for practices and games will be posted on our website by August 20th 2024.

If you interested to coach any of the teams please email Frank Marchese at your name and division you are interested to coach.

Best Regards,
MYS Board of Directors