sporting ct

Over the last decade, Sporting CT has consistently met our mission to grow, develop, and nurture aspiring young athletes into collegiate level and beyond as we help cultivate great people who become leaders and active members in the community.

As a club we are committed to ensuring the experiences and education afforded to our members are of only the highest standard to develop the individual first and player second.



Our environment is enthusiastic and contagious.  From the moment you walk into our CCR facility you will “feel the energy and positivity” of all our players and teams training and you'll immediatly want to be part of our Sporting CT family.


Our collaborative coaching model and possession-pressing based style of play allows the players to be constantly challenged and rewarded.  The core principles we introduce in the foundation phase are mastered in the competitive phase.  Our coaches take immense pride in delivering age appropriate training sessions and managing their teams consistent with our core values, philosophy and playing style.


Having access to the best leagues and competition around us, creates the perfect platform for player development and creating the best possible experience for each player and team. It also continually challenges us to reflect and raise our standards in every aspect of our club from: player development; coaching education; facilities; administration; player health & safety; parent engagement & education.


Players who go through our Sporting CT program learn valuable life skills that help to develop the “whole individual”. Through this holistic approach to player development, players will learn about teamwork, leadership, discipline, time management, sportsmanship, respect, dealing with adversity, responsibility, confidence, and commitment. These traits have served our alumni, on and off the field, long after their soccer careers are over. It has build great character!