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Upcoming Programs For 2024

MYS Soccer 1

MYS Fall registration will be opening Saturday, June 15th 2024 and close on August 18, 2024.
Click here to find out important information about each division schedules and also dates for practices and jamboree day.


Click here for more in depth information about our Premier Soccer Tryouts, or please visit SportingCT.com. 


Click here to join us for a summer full of soccer fun in the sun. Our camps are challenging, safe and fun! We got 5 summer camps for 2024. 

Sporting CT Spring Tryouts-3

Click here for more in depth information about our Premier Soccer Tryouts, or please visit SportingCT.com. 

We’d like to invite you to play in the the 2024 Sporting CT Spring Shootout;
April 19-21, in Middletown, CT. 
*(only local teams will play on the Friday)
GIA’s Memorial Classic Tournament-2
We’d like to invite you to play in the the 2024 GIA’s Memorial Classic Tournament;
Gia was a former Sporting CT 2007 player and part of our Sporting community. We want to always remember Gia’s smile and her legacy through our tournament.
August 3-4, in Middletown, CT. 
*(only local teams will play on the Friday if needed)
Sporting CT GVSA 2024

Sporting CT GVSA is an advanced soccer team training program designed to provide players of all levels with a game like training opportunities to help them reach their full potential in a fun, safe and challenging environment

Sporting CT Summer Camps 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will offer 5 summer camp programs for all our players and families from within Sporting and outside. We are ensuring that we will continue to do everything in our power to cater to the needs of our entire membership offering more opportunities for our players to develop their soccer skills and technique.

Sporting CT HS Camp 2024

This camp will provide the last chance for preseason preparation for those who want the week of training. This is a more complex camp where we want to make sure players understand their roles in the various situations of the game. The coaches will focus on offering their knowledge thru different training sessions where players will later be allowed to freely experience what they learned in a FREE play environment. 



In 1974 a core group of Middletown parents and kids began playing soccer.  In 1985, with about 500 players, Middletown Youth Soccer was incorporated in Connecticut as a 501(3)(c) (non-profit) organization.  By 2005 MYS had over 1,100 players on 61 teams playing over 300 games per Fall season.  In addition there are Spring and Fall travel team leagues that play another 80 games.

Also, in 2016 we founded SportingCT.com which is the Premier Soccer Club branch of MYS for those players who dream to play at the college level and beyond.

Our Premier Soccer Club

Learn more about our SportingCT which is our Premier Soccer Club dedicated to those players with ages between 9-18 years old who want to take their game to the next level.

Over the last decade, Sporting CT has consistently met its mission to grow, develop, and nurture aspiring young athletes into collegiate level and beyond as we help cultivate great people who become leaders and active members in the community.

As a club we are committed to ensuring the experiences and education afforded to our members are of only the highest standard to develop the individual first and player second.

Sporting CT's aim is to provide top coaching for all our teams. We strive to provide highly credentialed staff to ensure our players have the best experience on and off the field.

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